Hoof Savvy

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As a hoof care professional you certainly understand muscle/tension and the effects that it has on the feet.
It causes the horse to adopt different postures which then results in a weight bearing/distribution issue which you can see in growth patterns.
The purpose of this class is to instruct individuals who have experience and a comfort with working with a horses legs and feet.

The instruction will include:

* Soft tissue/joint mobilization
* Isolation stretching techniques
* Muscle stimulus reflex points

The effectiveness of the techniques that will be taught will help you as a hoof care provider achieve the trim you would like without overstressing
the soft tissue and compromising the horse. Additional benefits of stretching techniques allows you to work with a more relaxed horse and safer work environment.
Anatomy will be discussed as it pertains to balance and function. This is a class where egos are left at the door and open discussion as to
serving the horse with justice is paramount!

The 2-day class will be held at a dude/guest ranch where the ranch hoof care provider will be in attendance/participation.
Shoes would be removed by or under knowledge of ranch professional and group discussion would be held as to what could be done to improve
the balance of each individual horse. Trimming and re-shoeing would be performed by or under knowledge of the ranch professional.
The techniques described above will improve range of joint movement and elasticity of soft tissue which would result in allowing you to
balance the hoof more effectively. This is possible simply because you have balanced his body and changed posture and weight bearing.
Dino has often said ..."if I had a magic lamp , instead of a genie I wish I could have a hoof care professional appear."

The purpose of this course is to share knowledge with individuals who have experience and a comfort with working with legs and hooves of the horse.
True Knowledge can be attained only through understanding and application. The action of is Wisdom!

2 Day Clinic/Course for Hoof Care Professionals

We offer a course on soft tissue/joint mobilization and stretching techniques to isolate specific areas of
muscle/tendon tension which allows you to achieve the trim you would have without compromising the soundness
or structure of the horse (legs only).

The instruction will include:

Day one

*Asses Horses (taking notes)
*Discuss Concepts and Components
*Re-Asses Horses (applying concepts)
*Reflex points for muscle stimulus and passive soft tissue/joint mobilization
*Isolation stretches forelegs

Day two

*Isolation stretches for hind legs
*Active soft tissue/joint mobilization all for legs

This clinic will:

*create safer work environment
*Have an immediate impact on the results of your work...Guaranteed or your money back!
*Minimum participants 6
*Maximum participants 8
*Course Fee $1200

ABHP Members

   Dr. Jimmy Giacapuuzi, CA
Shane Togami, CA
Randy Erickson, OR
Dean Alexander, CA
Laurie Kay
Chad Bembeneck
Mayan Moshe
Michael Soto
Jen Rakas
Dr.John Stagg
Stacy Hockel
Amanda Robinson

Member Benefits currently include:

*25% Member discount on future clinics
*Receive 10% on all referrals
*Become a future instructor

Horse owner 2 Day Trim Clinics coming soon! Horse Stewardship/Husbandry Program: Assess, Adapt, & Apply