Hoof Savvy

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Hoofman Philosophy

 This philosophy is an accumulation of knowledge. From outstanding mentors and practical experience to trial and error. The result of this combination enables the hoofman to assess, adapt, and apply this knowledge to fit the individual needs of each horse. HoofSavvy does not emphasize rigid techniques or methodology over the welfare of the horse. A hoofman must not attempt to out think mother nature. There are many theories, methods, and techniques out there which can help some horses while not helping others. Much controversy and confusion pleagues the "buisness" of hoof balance. Let us consider that the "buisness" part can sometimes get in the way of justice for the horse. Balance is relative. It is an ongoing process in the mind and in the body, as well as the hoof. With every step the body is constantly readjusting to balance. Imagine what happens when you add tack and rider, not to mention terrain, and job to be done. All this transfers to the hooves. Riders alone have a huge impact and they must learn to ride in harmony with the footfalls. In order to "serve the horse with justice," many variablles must be considered when addressing the foundation. Stop looking only at the hoof. When assessing, addressing, and applying a trim that will assist the horse to wellness and excellence, the whole horse must be contemplated. The same applies when considering shoes for the horse. "To shoe or not to shoe?" This to is relative. True hoofman strive to assist the horse in growing the best hoof genetically possible. HoofSavvy developes the" hoofmans eye". The hoofman's eye enables the hoofman to "see" what the horse is communicating so that he can assess, adapt, and apply whatever is necessary without forcing a shape or methodology. So many are frustrated by the controversy that surrounds equine feet. When frustration turns into fascination the "eye" is opened to the freedom of utilizing all forms to become formless. A hoofman must allow the horse to have the final say in the matter. Horses do not care what is politically correct or socially acceptable, They need appropriate results... the results are "HoofSavvy".


     Randy DeBord was born in western North Carolina . He followed in his grandfather's footsteps who loved and shod horses during his life. Randy developed his own love for horses and has dedicated his energies to helping them achieve and maintain comfort, balance, and excellence. His "HoofSavvy" is an accumulation of knowledge, from outstanding mentors and practical experience to trial and error.

Randy's Cherokee heritage has influenced his "native" approach to hoofcare. It holds justice in the forefront when contemplating the foundation. Justice encompasses many forms of fairness. Awareness of the environment and the interconnectedness of all things, are also forerunners in hoofcare. Everything is affected by one's environment. for example: the diet (affecting the teeth), terrain (affecting the musculoskeletal system), available medicine (affecting the type of veterinary care), climate (affecting the hooves moisture/dryness), altitude, geographical location, etc... are key components in balanced equine wellness.

By using flexible techniques, Randy facilitates a foundation that will support the horse through the many stages of his life. From birth, through development, and dynamic demands, this foundation supports skeletal alignment and muscle symmetry thus enhancing the quality of his life and his natural abilities. Randy's analytic mind and eye for detail have honed his skill with equine hooves into a fine art. The combination of horsemanship, progressive learning, whole horse insight, and desire to educate, creates an awareness that equals justice for the horse and for the human.